New Urbanism is a movement that works to restore  life into city downtown locations across America that lost their bustle to sub-urbanization. Suburbanization is is a population shift from central urban areas into suburbs.  Rockford’s downtown area is a perfect example of the New Urbanism Movement. Our downtown’s story reads something like a hero’s journey- a place that was once the central business district that lost its business boom, but is now rising again.

Placing a casino in the downtown area would act as a catalyst to an area that is already on the rise. By combining elements of New Urbanism, city planners, casino operators and developers can integrate a casino development into the fabric of the urban riverfront. This happens in such a way that the downtown casino becomes an integral element in the commercial activity of the community.


(Source: Klebanow, Andrew M., Casinos and the City: A White Paper on the History of Casino Development in Cities, Past and Current Trends, and Recommendations for Future Development, Global Market Advisors LLC)

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