Downtown Infrastructure Investments

There are many newly completed and developing Downtown Rockford investments taking place. These exciting investments are significant, with $437 million in public and $129 million in private investments. These Downtown infrastructures include:

  • Rock Valley College’s Vocational School
  • UW-Health Sports Factory—a new school
  • A new Public Library building

Bringing a new and vibrant entertainment district to the Downtown Rockford area would add to the positive growth in the Downtown and Water Power Entertainment District area!

See all that is happening at The River District!

[mt_skill icon_or_image=”choosed_nothing” title=”Rock Valley College Vocational School” border_color=”#ffffff” number_color_value=”#2e3092″ skillvalue=”32 Million” animation=”fadeInUp”]
[mt_skill icon_or_image=”choosed_nothing” title=”South Main Street Improvements” border_color=”#ffffff” text_color_value=”#ffffff” number_color_value=”#2e3092″ skillvalue=”40 Million” animation=”fadeInUp”]
[mt_skill icon_or_image=”choosed_nothing” title=”UW-Health Sports Factory” border_color=”#ffffff” text_color_value=”#ffffff” number_color_value=”#2e3092″ skillvalue=”24 Million” animation=”fadeInUp”]

Entertainment Venues