An entertainment district as a destination offers residents, tourists and guests’ opportunities to enjoy the entertainment venues in arts and culture, education and learning, shopping and dining, lodging and conference, and community festivals and events. Another aspect to understand is the power of placemaking with live entertainment and exhibitions that draw large numbers to aquariums, museums and other like venues clustered in an entertainment district.

Entertainment seeking tourists spend a lot of time researching the destination and entertainment they want to experience. Urban casinos are in fact one of the places people enjoy this as both a destination and an entertainment option for gaming in their life (Charles and Brent 2012, 179). Casino games are part of attractions that make tourists travel across the globe to be entertained, which is why they are seen in so many restaurants bars, cafes, and cities around the world.

Gambling, coupled with experiencing the community outside the casino is an enormous investment that provides a greater return to the local economy driving employment of local labor in nearby neighborhoods that may be unemployed or under-employed. Casinos as part of their infrastructure provide on-going training, education and skill empowerment as part of their business model. This entertainment trend is continuing more people visit casino’s around the world. Urban Casinos are designed from the ground up, to engage pedestrians and support downtown
businesses, culture, nightlife and sports attractions wherever they are implanted within a community.

(Source: Klebanow, Andrew M., Casinos and the City: A White Paper on the History of Casino Development in Cities, Past and Current Trends, and Recommendations for Future Development, Global Market Advisors LLC)

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