Evidence states that people plan their destinations. They are not concerned if the travel time to the destination is longer or shorter when the travel plans are made. With this being said, there is a level of truth in the casino visitors not being riled by the distance it would take to get to and from the entertainment district. This is the overall plan as part of an urban casino in a downtown location.

People make plans to visit a location. While it is true that over 65,000 people travel the interstate daily, there are additional salient facts to consider. Most of these folks traveling the interstate will not stop on impulse, however, some will and can certainly be identified as avid gamblers.


While this may seem on the surface an admirable goal for the revenue side for an island casino, the extended-stay entertainment seeking
tourist spends more of his or her income with longer stays and visits to local businesses and attractions. These additional dollars, shared
across the community provide much larger revenue and returns for our region. The destination tourists are much larger and significant in numbers, they do their research; know where they want to go and what they want to do in the way of entertainment and experiences. These are the type of people that will be highly attracted to a downtown casino that is paired with an entertainment district.


Source: Klebanow, Andrew M., Casinos and the City: A White Paper on the History of Casino Development in Cities, Past and Current Trends, and Recommendations for Future Development, Global Market Advisors LLC)

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