Casinos are a destination that will attract thousands of visitors. Currently, there are 13.5 million people in our Area of Dominant Influence (ADI) who live and work within two hours of the US 20 bypass and the South Main corridor who will flock from all directions to visit Rockford’s new casino—north, south, east, and west.

Rock River West Casino Group is proposing a downtown location for Rockford’s casino. Our proposed site in downtown Rockford is located on the Main Street corridor and is a short drive from major highways around Rockford: I-90, I-39, and Route 20.

Drive times do vary, but it is important to consider if a few minutes matter when the market is an area within a 90-minute drive time. From the Main Street Exit on Route 20, it is a simple drive up Main Street and only takes 6 minutes. The ride includes a scenic waterfront drive along the Rock River on a recently completed multi-million dollar road redesign.

When considering that a casino is a destination that will draw people from all around to visit, a simple 6-minute drive off of the highway is not a make or break decision for someone to come to the casino.


A downtown casino would make the Downtown Rockford area an even more exciting destination for locals and tourists alike!

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