Rock River West Casino Group as Community Advocates believe that the best place for a casino is in the heart of our beautiful city. There are many benefits to an urban casino, and the flurry of commercial activity a casino generates is one of the most significant.

An urban casino environment allows for the free flow of people to and from the casino and the surrounding business district resulting in economic activity. Properly designed, an urban casino creates compounding positive impact on the surrounding community. A downtown casino does this by increasing retail and commercial activity and stimulating additional retail and business development. An appropriately designed urban casino as in the case of the Waterpower District is both a tool for urban regeneration and an enhancement to casino

performance. Rockford’s downtown area is ready for a major investment, and a casino is just that.


(Source: Klebanow, Andrew M., Casinos and the City: A White Paper on the History of Casino Development in Cities, Past and Current Trends, and Recommendations for Future Development, Global Market Advisors LLC)

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